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Tailored to your individual needs

I truly believe that there is no one approach that is best. Drawing on various psychological schools of thought, I adopt an integrative approach tailored to the individual needs.

Accredited CBT Therapist

Talking therapies

I gained accreditation with the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP) in 2020 and have remained continuously accredited since then. As part of the accreditation process BABCP members are expected to demonstrate high standards of clinical practice, engage in regular supervision, and maintain continuing professional development, which is audited on a regular basis.

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is a family of talking therapies, all based on the idea that thoughts, feelings, what we do, and how our bodies feel, are all connected. If we change one of these, we can alter all the others. When we’re low or upset, we often fall into patterns of thinking and responding which can worsen how we feel. CBT works to help us notice and change problematic thinking styles or behaviour patterns so we can feel better. CBT is a collaborative therapy – it’s not something that is done to someone, it’s a way of working together on mutually agreed goals.

EMDR Therapist

Past unconsciously coming into play in the present

In May of 2023 I qualified as a Certified EMDR therapist. Using EMDR Mer helps adults identify and resolve how their past is unconsciously coming into play in their present and causing them to not feel good enough, to feel stuck, or to repeat situations in their career or personal life. Ultimately, she helps her clients find meaning in these experiences and have a more authentic connection with themselves, so they can have a more genuine connection with others.

What is it?

EMDR Therapy is an evidenced-based approach to psychotherapy and based on the science of how the brain stores and processes information related to upsetting life experiences including criticism, rejection, humiliation, job loss, relationship endings, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and major traumatic events.

Addictions Specialist

Alcohol and other drug abuse counselling

In October 2013 I obtained an additional addictions licensure when I lived in Chicago, IL. I hold certification in alcohol and other drug abuse counselling (CADC).

To qualify for my CADC board certification, I completed an Addictions Studies program. I also completed additional placements in an intensive outpatient and inpatient chemical dependency program as a part of my addictions credential. Obtaining a CADC requires passing the State boards offered by the Illinois Certification Board, Inc. I passed the boards in 2013 and have remained licensed since then.

Counselling/Psychology Tutor

Counselling and psychology courses

I have developed and taught many counselling and psychology courses over the past 15 years. This includes teaching master’s level students to students studying on Level 2, which is an introduction to Counselling. My teaching is in person and online via the Zoom Platform.

I am currently teaching with the following organisations:

Chrysalis Counselling Ltd:
Level 5 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice (In-person)

HeartWood Counselling & Psychotherapy:
Level 3 Foundation in Counselling (Online)

Astranti Connect:
Level 5 Psychotherapeutic Counselling Diploma (Online)

Level 6 Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling Supervision (Online)

Ability to simplify complex concepts…

‘Taking a counselling class with Mer was truly transformative. Her deep and professional understanding of counselling theories and practices, combined with her gifted teaching style, made the subject matter come alive. Mer’s classes were engaging and interactive, seamlessly blending theory with practical application to develop essential counselling skills.

What set Mer apart as a teacher was her willingness to share personal experiences and wisdom. Her anecdotes and insights added an inspiring and relatable dimension to the lessons. Mer created a safe and supportive space that fostered growth and self-reflection, encouraging us to explore our own thoughts and emotions.

Mer’s dedication to teaching and ability to simplify complex concepts made the subject accessible to all, regardless of prior knowledge.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mer to anyone interested in psychology. Her expertise, passion, and commitment to students make her an outstanding teacher. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her, and I know she will continue to inspire and empower future students.‘

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